The story of a mom-dog who gave birth to seven wonderful puppies

 The story of a mom-dog who gave birth to seven wonderful puppies

The dog, named Poppy, was rescued by her adoptive mother from an animal shelter in North Carolina. The dog was pregnant. Carter Cifelli, the owner of the dog, guessed that Poppy had given birth before.

The woman prepared in advance a comfortable place for the dog where she could rest, sleep and why not give birth to her babies. Cifelli tried to take good care of the dog and feed her well.

“I woke up every day and thought, what if Poppy gave birth today. Then I saw that Poppy was quite active and these thoughts dissipated. I read from one book that dogs preparing for childbirth lose their appetite and begin to sleep more. Having received this information, I was sure that I would know when the birth would begin”, Cifelli said.

A few days later, Poppy woke up in the morning and went out into the fresh air as usual. There were no signs of childbirth. The dog sat comfortably on a chair on the terrace and basked in the sun.

Cifelli entered the house for a couple of minutes, leaving Poppy alone. When she returned, the woman took her camera with her, deciding to take a picture of the dog under the beautiful illumination of the daytime sun.

Then she noticed that something was wrong with the dog, she did not look like herself. The former cheerful, agile dog now did not move at all. Looking closer, the woman noticed that Poppy was licking something near her. Believe it or not, it was a puppy!

Poppy was so comfortable in this chair that she decided to give birth there. Cifelli was very happy and excited at the same time. She have been preparing for childbirth for so long and now this moment has come.

The woman carefully brought the puppy and the dog into the house, where the mother gave birth to six more puppies. Poppy seemed to be an experienced mom.

She was so calm and knew what she needed to do at the time of birth. The birth went well and all the puppies were healthy. They were very cute and beautiful.

The puppies are now almost 4 weeks old. They are actively moving around and feel great. In August they will be already ready for adoption.


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