“They Don’t Like Luxury.” 7 Celebrities Who Live Modestly

 “They Don’t Like Luxury.” 7 Celebrities Who Live Modestly

We are used to seeing the rich side of Hollywood stars. But not all actors like to overspend. This article contains popular celebrities who are modest and do not strive for luxury.

Ann Hataway

She is the recipient of many international awards. But he considers himself a modest star. Anne Hathaway is not shy about taking public transport, shopping in mass markets, and going to sales.

Keanu Reeves

For many fans, the actor is a simple and sincere person. He does not know about star disease. Keanu Reeves lives the life of an ordinary person. Moves on the subway and prefers fast food. He is actively involved in charity work.

Julia Roberts

The actress is a millionaire but does not spend her savings. The fortune is waiting in the wings when Julia Roberts leaves the cinema and stops receiving royalties. And now the legendary beauty goes to second-hand stores and supermarkets like all ordinary people.

Halle Berry

Halle Berry does not have expensive jewelry and a large fleet of vehicles. As a child, the actress was taught to think about the future. She saves money for a rainy day. The actress believes that her career can come to an end at any moment. And then the money saved will be most welcome.

Jennifer Lawrence

Jennifer is from a poor family. Parents often had to live on the minimum wage. Therefore, he knows the value of money and prosperity. For exits on the red carpet, the actress chooses designer images. But in ordinary life, a girl likes to shop with coupons.

Sandra Bullock

One of the richest actresses in America. But at the same time, Sandra Bullock prefers to save herself. In addition, she actively helps various charitable foundations. For example, not so long ago she gave $1 billion to the Red Cross.

Sarah Jessica Parker

Sarah is from a large family with 8 brothers and sisters. Therefore, he knows exactly what a lack of funds, food, and clothing is. But even now, when poverty has already been left behind, the actress leads a modest lifestyle. Together with the children, she goes to sales and second-hand shops.


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