This kind woman gave her jacked to warm up her dog

 This kind woman gave her jacked to warm up her dog

Kristina Hollie and her colleague were at the bus stop in Cambridge, when they noticed a dog with her mother. She had to go to the post office and leave the dog outside.

She tied up him to the tree and gave orders. What happened next surprised everyone on the street. The woman took off her jacket and wound it around him.

If the woman could take the dog with her, she would, but in that case, she didn’t have a choice and made sure that at least the dog was warm.
When the mom was walking towards the post office, Hollie expressed her excitement. She truly was a great owner who really loved her dog.

The patience with which the dog was waiting for her was admirable.

At some point, Hollie’s bus arrived, and she had to leave him.

It is a wonderful thing when the owners care about their pets so much that they are willing to sacrifice even their personal comfort and well-being for them.

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