This wild fox cub settles well in the yard of a young woman and even invites her sister

 This wild fox cub settles well in the yard of a young woman and even invites her sister

A woman named Emma Thompson told a story that happened to her at the end of July. She was working in her office when she felt someone’s presence. The kitchen door was open and it looked like someone had snuck in.

“I noticed out of the corner of my eye how something orange was moving around the house. I tried to make out what it was but I couldn’t because this creature ran out the door very quickly.

Soon this secret visitor – a fox – began to appear in the courtyard of this woman’s house almost every day. It turns out that Foxy was born in a neighboring yard. But the neighbor, being not a lover of wild animals, destroyed the lair.

Finding herself without a home, the fox began to look for a place suitable for her home. Thompson seemed pretty nice to her and she decided to stay here a little.

Foxy seems to be a very self-confident fox, as in a short time she has become so accustomed to her new territory that she calmly takes a nap on the sofa in the backyard and sometimes sneaks into the house to steal Thompson’s slippers. The fox likes the new place so much that she began to invite guests. Foxy’s sister has become a new visitor of the yard.

The couple is well settled and act like it’s their own playground.

I didn’t mind them coming, but I didn’t want them to come through the house at night and take my things, so I blocked the opening in the door for the cats. Foxy wasn’t happy about the change. She couldn’t open it no matter how hard she tried.

Thompson realizes that they are wild animals and keeps some distance with them. However, Foxy seems to be quite sociable and occasionally sniffs Thompson and curls around her legs with her tail. Despite being sociable, she is also fearful and runs away when she hears loud footsteps or voices.

Foxes are about 4 months old. They are still quite small and Thompson does not think to drive them away. She is glad that the animals chose her yard.


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