This woman has been living in this glass cage for 30 years and cannot touch her family!

 This woman has been living in this glass cage for 30 years and cannot touch her family!

A woman named Juana Munoz was forced to be isolated for 13 years. She was isolated but very close to her family, literally a few centimeters away from them. She is placed in a glass shelter and if she leaves it, she will die.

The life of this Spanish woman changed after she gave birth to her child. It was 30 years ago. Once her husband planted potatoes in their garden, and she started weeding the ground. Then suddenly she had a severe allergy attack. She rushed to the hospital because her whole body was very swollen, and she was in a lot of pain. Since that Juana’s body became very vulnerable to chemicals and a terrible allergy has always haunted her.

But the fact is that those potatoes were treated with some kind of pesticide. It was banned after a few years. It is a highly toxic chemical that has affected many people. The woman could sue the manufacturers of this chemical, but did not want to.

She began to weaken and soon she could not touch any objects, as this caused her pain.

Doctors could not put a specific diagnosis for several years. And then it turned out that she had multiple chemical sensitivity.

Doctors said that the woman should live in a sterile environment, isolated in a special shelter otherwise she will constantly feel pain. After learning about this, her family built this isolated shelter for her. She has been spending all her time there for 13 years now.

Everything related to chemistry, any pungent smell can suffocate her. Even natural phenomena such as the sun, wind, rain – everything is associated with pain. Her husband now grows only organic vegetables for Juana. They even found a manufacturer of dietary meat and buy it 2 times a month for Juana. The walls of the shelter are made of glass, and she looks at her garden.  All her clothes should strictly be made of cotton, and household items made of ceramics.

Juana can come out of the shelter only for a routine checkup and then not every year. Coming out of the shelter is a real torture for her.

In order not to harm the woman and be able to hug her at least sometimes, her family sits on a strict diet for several days and thoroughly clean their clothes.

Juana’s daughter will soon give birth to a child, however, the grandmother will not be able to hold the baby in her arms. But she does not give up and continues to fight this disease. She agreed to test a special breathing mask on herself. It was very touching, she was able to walk around the garden for the first time in a long time and finally hug her already elderly mother…


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