What a scene! Baby dressed as a lion meets a real lion at Zoo!

 What a scene! Baby dressed as a lion meets a real lion at Zoo!

No one expected that the meeting of a baby and a lion would be so cute. An 11-month-old baby dressed as a lion visits the Atlanta Zoo with his family and godfather Cami Fanning.

The little “lion cub” was in the center of attention of all zoo visitors, but few could imagine that the lion himself would be delighted with the cute baby.

My friend and I decided to take a family trip to the zoo. We also took with us his son, my godson. 11-month-old baby’s name is Arye, which means “lion” in Hebrew. Thus, the baby’s outfit was chosen in accordance with the meaning of his name.

When the kid approached the lion enclosure and leaned against the glass, the lion approached him and began to admire. He probably mistook the baby for a lion cub.

“You should have seen it! It was an incredible sight. Even we adults were afraid to approach the glass of lions, and Arye treated them like his friends. Probably there is something in common between them”, Fanning said.

Within a few minutes, an 11-month-old baby communicated with the lions and they loved him very much. Watch the video from their cute meeting.

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