What do children of these celebrities look like now?

 What do children of these celebrities look like now?

Most recently, A. Jolie visited one of the social events with her children. Naturally, the sisters Shiloh and Vivien immediately attracted the attention of photographers.

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It is worth noting that the difference between the two beauties is very small. However, Shiloh, as the followers emphasize, looks more like her mother.

Vivien’s facial features are very similar to her famous father. In addition, the girl has a twin brother, whose name is Leon.
By the way, the children in the star family are very friendly towards each other.

The couple has three children of their own and three adopted. As the followers say, Shiloh has changed lately. And if earlier the girl mainly gave her preference to the boyish style in clothes, now she can be increasingly seen in feminine clothes.

After the breakup, A. Jolie continued to actively engage in raising children. And B. Pitt himself is also involved in this process.


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