What do the kittens of this unusual pair look like?

 What do the kittens of this unusual pair look like?

Here is a cat with an extraordinary coloration, due to which it became famous on the Internet. The cat’s name is Narnia. The fact is that the cat’s muzzle in the center is divided into two equal parts: black and grey.

“When Narnia was born (in 2018), we all were shocked. I realized that he was a special. The kitten grew up and became a real heartthrob. I have never met cats with such coloration”, the owner of the cat Stephanie Jiminez told.

Narnia is the father of two beautiful kittens who equally shared the coloration of their father: Fenix is grey and Prada is black! Each of the kittens inherited one color from two-colored father. Well, what wonders does the nature do!

And here is their mother. Her coloration is divided into two parts as well, but not as symmetric as in the case of Narnia.

Narnia was always considered to be a chimera cat. Such cats usually have two types of DNA. A genetic analysis was done to prove this. The result of the analysis showed that the cat has only one DNA. And it is another puzzling fact that makes Naria super unique.

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