What The Actress That Played Calypso In Pirates Of The Caribbean Looks Like Now

 What The Actress That Played Calypso In Pirates Of The Caribbean Looks Like Now

As soon as the picture “Pirates of the Caribbean” appeared on the screens, many viewers noticed such a character as Calypso. The role was played by Naomie Harris, who quickly became very popular. Her heroine was a goddess pretending to be the fortune teller Dalma.

The audience was delighted with Calypso, as this is an unusual and interesting character. The actress played her so magnificently and brightly that she was remembered for a long time. Everyone said that Naomi has an enviable talent.

That’s just the appearance of Harris did not quite fit her heroine, she did not cause fear. Make-up artists spent several hours giving the girl the right look. From a beauty, she became a rather sinister lady.
Naomi began her career at the age of 11. Then she first tried her hand at acting. I realized that she really likes it, and therefore decided to enter a theater university, which at that time was very popular.
Harris was noticed after the release of 28 Days Later. She was given the lead role there, which was a great success. So she began to move further up the career ladder.

At the moment, Naomi is trying to lead a closed lifestyle. She doesn’t like being discussed in the media. There is no information if she has a loved one. It is known for sure that she is not married and did not give birth to children. She is 43 years old and she enjoys life and also continues to act.
I must say that the woman looks much younger than her years. Modeling agencies often offer her very lucrative contracts. Periodically, Naomi is filmed for the covers of popular magazines. Surely many people envy her because, after the age of 40, models are usually forced to end their careers.

Fans of the actress adore her sense of style. She goes out only in very beautiful and carefully considered outfits. For some people, she is generally a role model. The ability to select clothes went to Harris by nature.
In total, Naomi has performed more than 20 significant roles in films. Of course, she does not plan to stop and wants to add many more works to her portfolio. She constantly appears in new projects, delighting fans with her talent.
The star maintains pages on social networks, where she shares her photos from photo shoots or fashion shows. One gets the feeling that she can do everything in the world if she wants to. The question arises of where she gets so much strength. By the way, after work, Naomi still goes in for sports.

She trains systematically, which allows her to keep herself in great shape. Due to her figure, she is in demand both in the modeling business and in the field of cinema.

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