“When You Have Children, There’s No Time For Makeup.” Julia Roberts Talks Of Motherhood

 “When You Have Children, There’s No Time For Makeup.” Julia Roberts Talks Of Motherhood

Hollywood star Julia Roberts is a mother of many children. She has three children. The elders Hazel and Finneas are twins, they will turn 18 on November 28. The youngest son, Henry, is 15 years old. Now her children are all adults, and ahead of them is the end of school and independent life.

When the children were small, their upbringing took Julia all her time. In those periods, she often admitted that being a mother of many children was very difficult. She knows firsthand about sleepless nights.

“When my children were born, there was not a minute left for myself. Probably, before they were born, I just had a lot of free time – I wonder what I did with it? I certainly didn’t appreciate him at the time. And now I have no time to go for a pedicure. Although I am often overwhelmed with such happiness from communicating with children that you don’t even remember about ugly nails (and no one really looks at our nails).

“When you wake up at three in the morning to calm the newborn twins, it’s like you are alone with them in the whole world. You can barely stand on your feet and think: “Am I doing everything right? When will it end?”

“If you need to gather three small children to go outside with them, there will be no time to pack yourself. It’s good that I never thought that it was necessary to make up before going to the store, so nothing has changed in my life in this regard. If I have time to apply a little cream around the eyes before leaving the house, I already feel like a winner.

“I have never had such a work schedule in which one shoot ended and another would immediately begin. But when three toddlers are sitting at your house, you play non-stop: either puppet theater, reading fairy tales by roles, or something else. Mom works as an actress at home around the clock.

“I have packages of wet wipes all over the house. Three kids are no joke.”

“When I’m not filming, being a housewife is my full-time job. Of course, it’s not a magical world with rainbows and unicorns every day, but it brings me a lot of joy.”

An interesting fact: Julia’s children did not realize for a long time that their mother is a famous actress. At home, he appeared as a completely different woman: a caring mother without styling and makeup, and they simply did not compare her with Vivian from Pretty Woman. It wasn’t until six years ago when the twins were 12 and their youngest son was 9, that they began to suspect something.

“Maybe it will sound strange, but in a certain sense our children are not distinguished by increased curiosity, and this is very good. You need to learn everything in due time and not try to get ahead of events in the course of life.

And Julia admits that her daughter does not like to make up and dress up. One day they gathered the whole family in a restaurant. While her husband Daniel Moder was looking for a tie, the daughter was on the phone:

“I said, ‘Oh, are you ready?’ Because to me, she didn’t look finished, her hair was just tied up in a ponytail and all that. I said, “Hmm, maybe some eyeliner?” And she said: “Mom, I didn’t take eyeliner, what are you talking about?”.

One day, Robert offered her daughter to try on the very famous dress in which she received an Oscar for her role in the film Erin Brockovich in 2001. The dress turned out to be Hazel’s big.


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