Why did not John Lennon love his eldest son from the first marriage? The secrets of the musician’s life…

 Why did not John Lennon love his eldest son from the first marriage? The secrets of the musician’s life…

Speaking about the personal life of John Lennon, many will remember his union with the outrageous Yoko Ono. However, few people know that this is the second marriage for the musician. Lennon’s first wife was his classmate Cynthia.

Their love story was like a romantic movie script: she was an exemplary and diligent girl, he – a real bully. And it seemed that they could not have anything in common, however, romantic feelings did not pass by. They were both young, and for Lennon it was just another fling. However, he had to marry Cynthia when she got pregnant.

Then he was just starting his musical career, and the group “The Beatles” was just becoming popular. Many feared that Lennon’s marriage and child would take away the band’s popularity. Despite the persuasion of the producers, the musician married Cinthia.

The wedding was modest and secret, and Cynthia had to sign a non-disclosure document. She was Lennon’s wife only at home. The girl did not dare to tell anyone about it. She did not grumble and was happy, because she married for love. And soon their son, Julian was born.

The singer was not present at the birth of his son, even his christening took place without the participation of his father. Lennon was constantly disappearing on tour, recording or writing songs. He was rarely at home. Cynthia understood and accepted everything. She knew about his betrayals, that her husband used drugs.

However, she was by his side and accepted his rules. Lennon was insanely jealous, he watched with whom and where his wife was. He devoted very little time to his son, it seemed as if Julian did not exist for him. He once said that his son was born only thanks to a bottle of whiskey. This offended the boy.

Soon Lennon asked Cynthia for a divorce. He had an affair with Yoko Ono. Cynthia realized that this was the end. Soon the singer had the second son, who was named Sean. Lennon did not leave his son, he devoted all his free time to him. He didn’t even remember Julian, he simply disappeared from the boy’s life.

Despite this, Julian does not hold a grudge against his father. Now he is 57 years old. Thanks to his father he fell in love with music and decided to study it. He was always kind to his mother and took care of her until the end of her days.

Julian did not repeat the path of his father, though was also very famous. Women, booze, fights – Julian tried to avoid all these. He grew up to be a worthy person, and even became close to his brother Sean.


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