Woman Restores Her Beauty Thanks To The Beauty Program

 Woman Restores Her Beauty Thanks To The Beauty Program

Becoming a single mother for her little daughter wasn’t easy for Elisangela. She works a lot, and rarely takes any days off but when she does she spends the entire day with her daughter.

The thing is that she can barely provide for her daughter. She doesn’t have enough money to take care of herself, so going to the salon is not even a choice.
However, the woman still smiles through everything. She is still young but already has some teeth missing. And when she found out that she is going to be on a program where she can fully transform, she was left speechless.

First of all, the corrected her smile. They worked on her skin, her clothes and style, her hair and nails and she left the show looking absolutely incredible and showstopping.
No one even thought that in the end the woman would be this beautiful. She is very attractive and a great example for her daughter.

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