10 Bald Stars Who Would Look Complitely Different If They Had Hair

 10 Bald Stars Who Would Look Complitely Different If They Had Hair

While many men dread the mere thought of losing their hair, some celebrities have embraced their looks and are wearing their “hairstyles” with dignity. For many of them, baldness is something of a hallmark. For example, can you imagine Vin Diesel or Michael Jordan with a head full of hair? We, too.
That’s why we decided to add something new to their photos and see what happens. Below are 10 of the most unusual reincarnations.

1. Vin Diesel
Probably no one even remembers that Vin Diesel ever had hair. But this makes the transformation even more interesting.

2. Jason Statham
With or without hair, the Fast & Furious star always looks perfect, don’t you agree?

3. Dave Chappelle
This reincarnation of Dave Chappelle, “a brilliant comedian from America”, looks quite unexpected.

4. Bruce Willis
It’s been many years since Bruce Willis went back to the rock star hairstyle he wore at the start of his acting career. Now we can find out what he would look like if he didn’t shave off his head all the time.

5. Michael Jordan
NBA star Michael Jordan has always walked around with a clean-shaven head. Therefore, it is quite unusual to see him with hair.

6. Larry David
The next victim of our funny experiment is Larry David. A man looks very healthy in his 70s, but extra hair care only makes him look better, doesn’t it?

7. Common
The next star on our list is rapper Lonnie Rashid Lynn, better known simply as Common. Look at the expression on his face – it has completely changed!

8. Dwayne Johnson
The camera clearly loves this actor, also known as The Rock. He always has this amazing smile on his face and with hair on his head, he looks even happier.

9. Samuel L. Jackson
Legendary actor Samuel L. Jackson proves once again that he looks flawless with any hairstyle.

10. John Malkovich
And the final reincarnation in our little experiment is the legend of Hollywood, John Malkovich.

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