A white whale rescues a drowning diver from an icy pool!

 A white whale rescues a drowning diver from an icy pool!

In the city of Harbin, China, a diving competition was held in the large Polar Land pool. Beluga whales are also known to live in it.
The task of the participants was to dive to the bottom of a six-meter icy Arctic pool, without breathing equipment, and hold out there as long as possible.

Yan Yun was a competitor. The twenty-six-year-old girl successfully dived, and when she was about to climb to the top, she realized that she was almost paralyzed. Her arms and legs were completely numb due to the cold.

Yan Yun remembers how she started swallowing water and sinking lower and lower, she suddenly felt something trying to push her up.

It was a beluga that lived in this pool, named Mila.

Beluga realized that something had happened to the girl and hurried to help.

Mila carefully tried to push the young girl out of the water with her nose. The animal carefully took Yang’s legs into her mouth and turned the girl over before pushing her out of the water.

It’s amazing that the whale realized that the girl was drowning before people noticed it. Belugas are very social animals, they are curious about people. They try to communicate with a person by swimming up to the glass of the aquarium.

Very often, belugas try to spit at people behind glass or at trainers. Scientists do not yet fully understand why they do this. One of the guesses is that the whale is trying to blow dust off humans, as they are used to blowing sand from crustaceans on the seabed.

The organizers of the competition could not believe their eyes when they saw how the whale, holding the girl by the legs, was trying to lift her from the bottom of the pool.

The trainer says that Mila is a very smart animal, she is very good at interacting with people.

Beluga whales are among the very first cetaceans to communicate with humans. And the most amazing thing is that because of the special structure of the muscles of the face, beluga can smile.


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