A nice story about one parrot family

 A nice story about one parrot family

Recently we have come across a story about a parrot. The story was posted on Twitter by the owner of the parrot. The name of this parrot was as cheerful as the pet itself was – Kiwi. It was a lovebird parrot. It’s such a parrot breed.

Previously, the parrot enjoyed free and easy lifestyle, lived carefree, jumping back and forth and there were no complaints to him about the feathers scattered throughout the cage.

In order to give some colors to her pet’s loneliness the owner decided to bring an unusual girlfriend for him.

The parrots liked each other at first sight. They fully corresponded to their name, they became lovebirds in life.

A perfect couple: a colorful Kiwi and a pearl like Suzie.

One day their owner noticed that Suzie made a nest and lay eggs. Everything was clear. They were going to become parents.

Soon small chicks were born, at first they were quite strange, featherless and looked like dinosaurs.

After a while, their first feathers grew and they began to look more like chicks. They became more active and started to explore the territory.

Some weeks later, these kids turned into real colorful parrots.

Each of them was nice and unique in its own way.

They inherited the best features from Dad and Mom: the colorful feathers, sonorous voice and cheerful mood.

The little parrots grew up and there is not enough place for all of them. So the owner is looking for a home for these sweeties.

Due to this story posted on the Internet, this parrot family won the love of many people. How can’t we admire this family? Just look at them!


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