Just looks like his father. Look at Michael Jackson’s youngest son

 Just looks like his father. Look at Michael Jackson’s youngest son

Michael Jackson, one of the most famous people in the whole world, was called the king of pop music. During his lifetime and even after his death, the singer had and has millions of fans around the world. His musical masterpieces were a revolution all over the world. Even now after his death there are a lot of  funs who do not forget his songs. They gather to sing his songs, watch his concerts and even celebrate some events connected with the artist.

As a rule, the heirs of stars suffer from lack of attention from their parents. Parents are always busy at concerts, on recordings, on the set and there is very little time left for children. However they get too much attention from the press and paparazzi. But still, Michael Jackson’s children were able to find their purpose in life and are engaged in their favorite business.

Michael Jackson has three heirs: Paris Jackson, Prince Michael Jackson and Prince Michael Jackson II. You can find a lot of information about his daughter and elder son. However the younger son is left in the shadow. There is almost no information about him.

His daughter is a successful model, a public figure and a fighter for women’s rights. Her elder brother owns a computer technology company which has a very eye-catching name “Son of the King”.

Prince Michael Jackson II being the youngest son of the pop-star was born in 2002. He was born from a surrogate mother, whose identity is hidden. Being a kid Prince II looked so much like his father that there was no doubt about his origin.

Having grown up, the guy decided to change his name to Blanket. When his father died, he was adopted and brought up by his grandparents. The guy graduated from high school and entered the university. Blanket is a modest person by nature. He prefers to stay unnoticed, dresses modestly, has long hair and does not get involved into scandals.


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