There is kindness lift in this world. The little kitten found under the car is now safe

 There is kindness lift in this world. The little kitten found under the car is now safe

People are different. Some like animals and want to keep pets, some do not like animals, have allergy or are afraid of them. But once you decided to keep a pet, you have to give arguments and persuade family members without any confidence for a successful result. This article is about a couple who made a decision to keep a cat in several minutes. A photo and sms were enough.

The driver was about to drive away from the parking lot, when he suddenly heard a squeak. At first he did not realize where the voice was from, but then a nice helpless kitten was found under the car. The man felt sorry for the baby. It was so little and alone. Its mother was nowhere to be seen. Where could he find its mother? But he could not leave the kitten as well. So he sent sms to his wife with the photo of the kitten and the following text: “Can I bring the kitten home?”

His wife shared this story on her social page. She admitted that “Saying no would mean to kill the kitten”. Thus, the man brought it home. Being fed and washed the kitten changed completely. A glad and happy expression appeared on this little muzzle.

After the visit to the veterinarian it turned out that the kitten was only 4-5 weeks old. It was very lucky to be found by kind people. Animals hide under the car in search of safe and warm place not knowing that that “ warm “machine can kill them.

The little purry kitten was named Axel. She does not forget kindness and responds to her owners with tenderness and affection.

To sum up, it should be mentioned that we must always check if someone is hiding under our car or not.  We should not ignore those who need our help. Do good and it will come back!

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