“342 lbs Model”: Tess Holliday Donned an Evening Dress – a Sight That Cannot Be Erased From Memory!

 “342 lbs Model”: Tess Holliday Donned an Evening Dress – a Sight That Cannot Be Erased From Memory!

Tess Holliday is officially recognized as the largest plus-size model in the world. With a height of 5,4 feet Tess weighs more than 342 lbs and is not going to lose weight.

The star is even proud of her weight. It was thanks to her weight that she managed to successfully get on the body-positive wave and become famous all over the world.

When Holliday was 16 years old, she was noticed by the producers of the reality show Heavy. The show featured people who struggled with  excess weight through diet and exercise.

Tess dreamed of becoming a beauty queen – she appeared on television and gradually began to receive job offers from small fashion brands.

Just at this time, the body-positive trend and the departure from the usual model standards began to gain momentum. Holliday just fell into the stream. In 2015, a major modeling agency signed a contract with her, and since then, the 342 lbs model has not been without work for a day.

So Tess cherishes all her folds, rightly suspecting that if she loses weight to standard sizes, then her popularity and earnings will come to naught.

The star is happy to show her pictures in rather provocative outfits and does not hesitate to wear dresses that even very slender girls wear with care. For example, her latest outfit – apparently, Tess is already preparing for a series of New Year’s parties.

A black dress with very thin straps and a slit on the thigh almost burst on Holliday’s curvaceous forms, but this did not bother her at all.

Commentators, as usual, were divided into two groups. Some admire Tess’s courage. Others are sure that the star needs to lose weight immediately.

By the way, even doctors agree with the latter.

“Tess is 165 centimeters tall, so she should weigh a maximum of 70 kilograms. That is, she exceeded the allowable weight twice … In our youth, we don’t notice all this, but so that problems don’t start later, I would advise you to urgently go on a diet under the supervision of doctors, ” said the specialist.




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