17-year-old dog became a mother for a small lonely kitten!

 17-year-old dog became a mother for a small lonely kitten!

Meet Bailey. This good-natured dog was rescued by Artur and his family in 2007. All her life the dog was used as a “reproductive animal”. She gave birth to litter after litter and did not even get the pleasure of caressing and caring for her puppies.

Puppies were taken away from her immediately after birth. Now Bailey is already 17 years old, but she has not lost her maternal instinct.

A few months ago, she and her new family moved to a country house. They soon noticed that their dog began to frequent the backyard. They wondered why Bailey was heading towards the ravine in the backyard.

“And one day we looked out the window and saw this!” Arthur told The Dodo.

A wild kitten was sitting next to Bailey. The kid felt safe in the company of his new friend. Bailey always dreamed of being a mother to her children, but she was not allowed to fulfill her calling as a mother.

And now she was taking care of the kitten so tenderly. The Bailey family decided not to hurt their dog’s feelings and take the kitten home.

“We named the kitten Kitten-Kitten. He follows his new “mom” everywhere. Bailey is indescribably happy and glad about it,” Arthur said.


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