18 “impressive” make-ups that no one will be able to forget!

 18 “impressive” make-ups that no one will be able to forget!

Properly done makeup will improve the appearance of any person and emphasize the beneficial aspects. But when make-up artists forget the line between “good” and “bad” the result looks like this…

Make-up is indispensable when it is used “rationally”. Tons of cosmetics are used to create incredible beauty… while the victims of this make-up become only the subjects of laughs and jokes.

Improper contouring!

The heavy make-up makes the face look like tired!

She looks like a cartoon chatacter! 

The girl is only eleven years old. But she looks like a 30-year-old baby who thinks she’s the most powerful figure in the world of luxury.

The makeup artist probably matched the tone to the jacket, and not to the face!

A little make up…Ready! 

A make-up done by a famous make-up artist

No comment!

A little powder?

A perfect make-up

Works of a certified makeup artist!

A real nightmare!

There is definitely semething to look at!

Some women want to be more orange!

It couldn’t be worse!

Just have a look at this hairline…

Do you want a contouring course from this makeup artist?

It is not a joke!

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