5-month-old Chihuahua awaits her best friend – mailman every day!

 5-month-old Chihuahua awaits her best friend – mailman every day!

No one waits for the postman as much as Frannie does. The whole day of this small dog is mainly focused on it.

The little dog knows the arrival time of the white truck. And when the time comes, Frannie stands at the door and waits for the postman’s car to appear. It has become a tradition that happens every day.

The 5-month-old long haired Chihuahua is so eagerly waiting for their mailman.

Frannie’s mother Lisa Laskey told the DoDo that there is a unique bond between them. “The dog fell in love with the mailman she first saw him”, the woman said.

The day Frannie was adopted and brought home was the fateful one. The mailman brought mail and the woman went out with the dog in her arms. Having seen the cutie mailman went out of the car and came up to the woman with the dog. He hugged Frannie, made all these goofy expressions at her and even kissed her.

And since that time, this meeting has become ritual.

Postman Dan has been this area’s postman for many years. He is always responsible for what concerns his work. That is why all the neighbors love and respect him. Apparently, Frannie felt that he is a frank and kind person that is why made friends with him.


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“I wonder how she responsibly waits for her friend. She even understands from the smell or the noise of the car that the moment of the meeting has come”, Laskey said.

As soon as the white car stops, Frannie happily runs to meet Dan.

And most importantly, their friendship is mutual. Dan is also happy to meet Frannie. The positive dog makes his day and he does not even understand how quickly his working day goes by.



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