9 cases when architects overdid their fantasies

 9 cases when architects overdid their fantasies

Absolutely any master, artist tries to give their 100 percent when it comes to creativity or creating a work of art.
However, being carried away by the process, they forget the true essence of the task, which is why we can periodically observe unusual buildings on the streets where people live.

A building in California. It’s hard to say whether it’s convenient to live here or not, but the strangeness is outstanding.

A tower with a huge number of unusual balconies. Most passers-by say that these buildings remind them of a tree with branches.

A wonderful and unusual bright complex in which people live.

In the middle of the Norwegian forest, you can observe the house of Baba Yaga.

Passing next to this building, there is a feeling that a popular villainous group from a blockbuster is sitting here.

Very strange, but also a nice house at the same time

Israel. A very strange house to live in. There is only one question – is it possible to live here at all?

Israel. This spiral house was built in five years. It’s not even clear where the rooms are.

One famous designer created and built this house in Montreal for himself, but now sells it.

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