Overfed cat became slim and healthy again thanks to the care of her new owners!

 Overfed cat became slim and healthy again thanks to the care of her new owners!

A variegated cat named Flora was taken to Fordham, Suffolk, England in 2016 after her old owner passed away.

At that time, she weighed seven kilograms, which was too much for a small cat. The cat obviously suffered from obesity. Flora looked like “Garfield in real life,” as they called her at the orphanage.

For obese cats and dogs, losing weight is always a very difficult process, as this requires a well-chosen diet combined with a set of exercises. If you simply put such an animal on a modest ration, the body (especially the liver) may not withstand a sudden change in regimen and the animal will die.

Flora was very lucky, because before she could get to the shelter, she was liked by retired spouses Paul and Christina Wildman. They wanted to adopt her due to the resemblance to the cat Garfield. However, Paul and Christina were well aware that the cat needed to lose weight.

“With her Garfield tummy, she looked very charming, but we knew that she needed a diet and that this would not be easy. However, we decided to accept this challenge,” said Paul.

No one knew exactly how Flora gained excess weight, most likely she was simply overfed. The couple decided to feed the cat only once a day, with special diet food. And for physical exercises, she was given a whole garden in the backyard, where she immediately began to walk with pleasure.

Over two years, Flora’s weight has gradually decreased from 7 kg to less than 5 kg, and now she looks like a completely normal, slightly plump cat.

“Now she can easily climb even onto the roof, which she couldn’t before. And in general she behaves like a normal house cat, napping a lot on the windowsill or on the floor”, the old woman added.

Flora is still on her diet, although she is now allowed a little extra food and one cat biscuit a day.

Amanda Merrington of London-based animal welfare organization Blue Cross says obesity is extremely dangerous for cats.

“It causes arthritis and big heart problems. The problem of obesity among pets in developed countries has become increasingly relevant in recent years.


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