A 12-year-old boy cycled 12 km every day and sold milk to earn money for his mother’s prosthesis!

 A 12-year-old boy cycled 12 km every day and sold milk to earn money for his mother’s prosthesis!

At the end of August, a story about a Ukrainian boy named Danila Rak appeared in the local media. The boy traveled 12 km every day to the regional center and sold milk to earn money for a prosthetic leg for his mother. Recently it turned out that our hero’s mother was given the opportunity to be treated in Germany.

Danila’s mother was wounded during the shelling of the village of Novoselovka in the Chernihiv region. The wounded woman was hardly taken out of the village taht was under the fire of the invaders. As a result, she had to amputate her fingers. As a result of her injuries, she was unable to walk again.

Ludmila Koval’s leg still needs treatment. The woman herself said that she would probably need an amputation and a prosthetic limb. The bones are crushed, and there is practically no chance to save the limb.

Danila’s father serves in the army and defends his country, so the 12-year-old teenager had to grow up. He decided to help in the treatment of his mother. Every day his grandmother puts bottles of milk in his bag and he takes them 12 km to Chernihiv on a bicycle.

There he sells milk just on the street. Danila already has regular customers, as the residents of the city already know his story and want to support him. By the time Danila arrives, a queue has already formed for milk.

After the family’s story was publicized in the media, a doctor from Lvov contacted them. He invited Lyudmila to his clinic for a consultation. Lyudmila announced at a press conference that she would go to Germany for treatment. This is confirmed by Lviv doctors.

The woman was promised to do everything possible to save her leg.

Stories like this make you believe in goodness. Thanks to the efforts of the son, the mother will be able to receive the necessary treatment and we hope to recover soon. We can say that she has a wonderful son.


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