A cat born with two paws was saved from the streets in Arizona

 A cat born with two paws was saved from the streets in Arizona

This young ginger cat was spotted by kind people on the side of the road in Arizona. It was obvious that the cat had problems with paws. The cat moved with strange jumps on two hind paws like a kangaroo. People picked up the cat and brought him to the humane society of the city of Tucson.

When the shelter staff began to examine the cat, it turned out that his front paws were not damaged, but underdeveloped. Thus, he was born that way. One of the paws was a very small and the second one was slightly longer and ended with one claw. The poor cat has lived like this all his life.

It’s amazing how a kitten with such deformity could live on the streets to almost adulthood. But in general the animal was healthy.

The cat was given the nickname Joey Roo, and when his pictures were posted on social networks, local resident Courtney saw his photos and immediately fell in love with this cat.

“I realized that he should live in my house. On the same day I and brought him to my place. And he turned out to be so active that he climbed into the trash can despite his paw defect!” the woman said.

Joe Ru also proved to be very affectionate and social. Perhaps he was not born on the street, but ended up there after the cruel owners threw the “defective” kitten out of the house.

“He gets along well with all people and other cats and quickly converges even with dogs. And he loves when he is given a lot of attention, stroked and scratched behind the ear,” Courtney said.

“His defect doesn’t stop him from being active. We have a 6-meter cat complex at home and he climbs on it and easily walks from start to finish,” the cat’s new owner said.

When Joe Roo stands up on his hind legs, he looks like a tyrannosaurus.

To give Joe Roo more mobility, Courtney ordered a wheelchair for him and now sometimes he runs with wheels.

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