A couple adopted a kitten from a shelter but at home they saw unexpected surprise in a carrier!

 A couple adopted a kitten from a shelter but at home they saw unexpected surprise in a carrier!

A couple from Idaho liked cats very much. They already had one but wanted to adopt a second one. So they came to the shelter Happy Jack Cats to choose a cat.

Manager Emily Sullivan showed the couple three kittens that were recently brought from the suburbs after they were found near the body of a mother cat that was hit by a car.

The kittens’ names were Apollo, Hercules and Artemis.

“The kittens were cheerfully playing on the floor when we came in. The couple fell in love with Artemis. The kitten being very sociable and friendly climbed on the laps of the woman and started to purr,” said Emily.

They were sure that love at first sight would not let them down and Artemis was the kitten they needed. So Emily went to look for a carrier for them. She brought one and tried to catch Artemis in order to put him in a carrier. Soon everything was organized.

A little later, the spouses wrote a message to inform Emily that they were driving home and that Artemis purred very loudly in the carrier. Emily thought this meant the cat was doing well. So there was nothing to worry about.

But when they arrived at their home and opened the carrier with Artemis, they were surprised to find a “free rider” in it! It was the kitten Hercules and Artemis was lying next to him, embracing and therefore purring loudly. Two siblings decided to be inseparable.

Hercules is black and apparently he climbed into the carrier while Emily was catching Artemis, and then because of the dusk in the room and his dark coat color, neither Emily nor the couple noticed him in the carrier.

“They called me and started a dialogue with the words “You won’t believe what we saw.” I got worried and asked “Has anything happened?” And then they told me about the kitten Hercules. So we decided that they would bring Hercules to the orphanage next day”, Emily said.

However, in the morning they called and said that they would not come, they changed their minds. They just said that they managed to fall in love with Hercules and that he was very cute. So they would adopt both kittens.

As for the kitten Apollo, who remained in the shelter, another family took him home after 12 days. Emily is delighted that the trio found their loving families in the end.

And what about the third kitten – Apollo. He was adopted from shelter after two weeks.


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