A couple from New York saved two little kittens from freezing on a cold winter day, and a year later they saved their mother as well!

 A couple from New York saved two little kittens from freezing on a cold winter day, and a year later they saved their mother as well!

Rene Becerra from New York saw a striped stray cat outside her apartment window last winter. The next day the cat returned to the same place and she was not alone, but with three kittens. The kittens were approximately 2 months old.

The cat apparently chose this place because a large tree grew close to the window and there was not so windy.

Renee has been feeding local street cats for a long time, and now she has begun to think about how to help her new neighbor and her babies before cold winter days came.

She arranged a temporary windshield around the tree with boards and began to give food to the cat and kittens.

Unfortunately, the smallest and weakest kitten died, and then Renee and her fiance Nathaniel began to think about taking the cat with her two kittens to the ASPCA shelter.

The couple set a trap and the kittens got there, but the cat turned out to be very alert and immediately ran away.

Rene and Nathaniel placed these two kittens in the shelter and they soon found their owners. However the cat mom disappeared and the couple worried for her. The cat did not return and they even began to think that perhaps she froze or died under the wheels of cars.

And suddenly, in the fall of 2018, Rene again saw the same cat under her window. And again she failed to catch her, the cat immediately ran away. Taught by the experience of survival on the streets, the stray cat understood perfectly that it is desirable to stay away from people.

But when a few days ago it was really very cold and the whole city was littered with snow, the cat again came to the window.

And this time she did not avoid people. She herself asked for help by scratching at the summer insect screen on the window with her front paws.

The cat was without kittens, and the tip of one ear was clipped. Nathaniel who also volunteered at the shelter in his spare time, understood that the cat went through a stray neuter program this year.

When Nathaniel opened the window, the cat immediately jumped into his room, as if she had never avoided people. Nathaniel named her Chunk Chunk.

Renee and Nathaniel took the cat to the vet for a check-up and the vet said that she was fine, they decided to keep Chunk Chunk instead of giving her to a shelter.

“Now I most often call her “Love Bug”, because she is an incredibly sweet cat. And she meows very quietly and modestly when she really wants attention,” says Rene.

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