A cow ran away from the farm and joined a wild herd of bisons

 A cow ran away from the farm and joined a wild herd of bisons

Recently, a young Limousin cow somehow escaped from a farm near Belovezhskaya Pushcha in Poland. The owner of the cow began to look for the missing animal, until she was noticed in a wild herd of bison. The cow apparently decided to take a little walk and came across a herd of bison.

Tooking them for her relatives, the cow joined the herd. The scene of a herd of buffalo and a cow was quite unexpected for those who noticed the animal in the herd.

Ornithologist Adam Zbyrit captured the strange sight and shared the photos.

Bison expert Rafal Kowalczyk of the Mammal Research Institute described the cow’s behavior as “exceptional”. The cow considered the company of bison the most favorable the moment she was lost.

What about her health, she seems to be fine. Limousins ​​have thick fur and are able to survive in cold conditions. Besides, in recent years winters in Eastern Poland are not so cold.

People may like this story, but from the point of view of conservationists, it is unacceptable. They believe that it is necessary to remove the cow from the buffalo herd, as the hybrid of a buffalo and a cow can pose a great risk to the health of the cow. And we should think first about the preservation of a pure breed of European bison.

Although it won’t be easy, but Polish wildlife experts plan to get the cow out of the herd by summer.

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