A dog that looks like a crumpled blanket!

 A dog that looks like a crumpled blanket!

Netizens have a new favorite – a Shar Pei named Harvey. He captivates everyone with his cute look! His owner Teresa Arguimbau is just crazy about these folds!

Can you find the dog in this photo? Found, well done!
Interestingly, the Shar-Pei’s ancestors were hunting and fighting dogs, but this dog does not seem to have anything to do with this breed.

Harvey is kind, warm and soft to the touch, by the way, he has a unique skin even for Shar-Peis – almost without wool. He is only 6 months old. His folds are very cute, but at the same time they are a problem for the dog, because they are very vulnerable. For example, when a puppy drinks water and it gets into the folds and does not flow out from there.

The owner of the dog must wipe every wrinkle so that there is no moisture left and the skin is not inflamed. Also, the skin near the folds should be moisturized with creams at least once every two days. It is sanitary procedures that are the most troublesome part, but Teresa loves to take care of her pet.

Unfortunately, Harpy has vision problems because of the folds, since the skin around the eyes hangs in excess from birth and the puppies see almost nothing. This problem is solved surgically by a veterinarian. These are the Harpy brothers, Don and Louie.

Now Shar Pei Harvey is popular on the island of Menorca, where he lives with his mistress, and he has a lot of fans on social networks.

The dog himself just loves to walk on the beach and is happy to play in the sand!

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