A family pit bull protected the child who’s been missing for 2 days!

 A family pit bull protected the child who’s been missing for 2 days!

It’s been 36 hours now, the officers and the Campbell family hopelessly waited for a miracle. Police and neighbors teamed up combing the countryside. Nothing brings people together like a desperate situation.

The child of the family, Charlie has run away from home and the family has given up all hope of finding him. Concern doubled when they discovered that family pit bull Penny had also gone missing.

This area was surrounded by forests, hills and fields, which made the situation much more difficult. Charlie was dressed in bright blue pajamas with images of characters from the cartoon Frozen.Even people who were not familiar with the boy joined the search group.

“What if our child went missing? We imagine the situation…We are happy to help in the search” – said Eric Wilson, one of the local residents.

30 hours have passed since Beth, the child’s mother reported the police. Sheriff Donnie Tinnell informed that authorities were planning to change the territory on the search. Beth had no choice but to pray. Then suddenly the woman saw Penny running towards her, but Charlie was not there.

Just at that time, Charlie wandered into Beth’s neighbor, Wayne Brown. The man recognized the unexpected visitor and called Beth’s family. After collecting the picture and the possible route of the “travelers”, the Campbells realized that Penny had found Charlie by smell and brought the boy home.

“Our hero Penny did not leave Charlie in trouble. He showed him the way home. We would have died of grief if Charlie had not been found. He is the soul of our family. Our whole life revolves around him,” said Beth.

Penny’s incredible act impressed everyone, even the sheriff!

Here you can watch the video on the story!

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