A girl took care of the kitten that was half the size of the kittens of that age!

 A girl took care of the kitten that was half the size of the kittens of that age!

A resident of the state of Arizona found this kitten on the street and at first thought that he died just like his brother, who was lying nearby. But this kitten was still alive and the woman took him to Rescuing Animals in Need (RAIN).

A volunteer Melinda Blaine became a new mother for this baby, who was given the nickname Mitya in the shelter. This girl had already had a lot of kittens that she took care for, but this one was special. The kitten was so tiny that at the age of one week or a little more, he was the size of a newborn kitten and weighed only 100 grams.

According to Blaine the kitten was very cute, all he wanted was to find a warm place and bury his nose there. He missed his mother very much.

“He is a cute and sweet ball of fur. He is so small because he was undernourished from birth. Probably the cat stopped feeding them at some point and left or something happened to her and she could not return to her babies.

Another kitten died from hunger and cold, but Mitya was more fortunate. He is very quiet, only meowing when he smells a bottle of milk.

Mitya was small, but he turned out to be a strong kitten. As soon as he got to the shelter, he gained 20 grams on the first day. When he gets older, he will most likely remain much smaller than ordinary cats, but nothing threatens his life.

Gradually gaining weight, Mitya became more active, especially when he opened his eyes. According to Melinda, he is strong and has a great appetite, always drinking his milk to the last drop.

“I’m always worried about kittens that are underweight, because they have a very high chance of dying. But Mitya is a real little fighter, he is very strong,” Melinda added.

As soon as Mtti was strong enough to stand on his paws, he began to move around and play smartly. Because of his great appetite, he had a big tummy, and because of his still thin legs, he looked very funny when he tried to walk and run. It seemed that at any moment the stomach would outweigh and the kitten would fall on his side.



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