A girl with Down syndrome conquers the fashion world!

 A girl with Down syndrome conquers the fashion world!

A resident of Britain,B. Matthews, conquered the fashion world. A young girl with Down syndrome was inspired by the example of E. Goldstein.

The first person to appreciate the girl’s photos was her brother. It was he who advised her to try her hand at this industry.

Beth not only tried her hand, but also managed to sign a contract with a modeling agency. According to the girl, she is so confident in herself that she is ready to conquer Hollywood!

Beth’s mother is happy that people have started to perceive people with special needs in a different way. From birth, it was difficult for a girl to find her place in society and meet modern society standards. Fortunately, she had a chance to show her abilities and talent.

The advertising agency that works with Beth emphasizes that the girl is very charismatic and confident in front of the camera. She does her job very well.


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Let’s wish this amazing girl continued success!

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