A great black bear is the best friend of a young woman! Unbelievable!

 A great black bear is the best friend of a young woman! Unbelievable!

 Bears are those animals that everyone loves: both children and adults. Loving teddy bears children do not suspect that real bears are not safe at all. However, it turns out that even wild bears sometimes become a friend to humans.

This young woman, Veronica Dichka adopted a bear cub and took care of him.

Being rescued from the circus the bear was sent to safari park and then placed in a shelter. However, ha could not find his place, it was almost impossible to maintain him.

At that time he met Veronika who decided to adopt the animal.

Years passed, the bear has grown up and became much taller than his mistress, but their friendship did not stop there. They are inseparable and like to spend a lot of time together.

Archie could not live in freedom, as he was born in captivity. He looks more like a pet than a wild creature.

He is used to eating cooked food at home, and does not eat raw meat at all. Archie is very well-mannered and intelligent.

He never behaves aggressively and can perform various tricks. Veronica is a model and a professional dancer by profession.

In her spare time, she enjoys fishing with her pet – bear.

The bear eats well and does not even need hibernation.

He loves Veronica very much and every time he shows his love by hugging his mistress.

He has a very gentle character, and when he gets scared, he hides behind Veronica.

Here are such cute relationships between a bear and a young woman.

You can find more information about them on instagram and tiktok.

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