A huge stray cat from shelter amazed everyone with his “talk” to a human

 A huge stray cat from shelter amazed everyone with his “talk” to a human

This huge ginger cat named Clancy ended up in an Oregon shelter after spending 6-7 years on the street. He was had in many scars from fights with other cats. And he also tested positive for FIV (Feline Immunodeficiency Virus).

Since there was not enough space in the shelter, Clancy was transferred to the Sherwood Cat Adoption Team (CAT) shelter in Oregon. There the cat was spayed, his teeth cleaned and his bladder infection started to be treated.

There, Clancy became famous for his very unusual style of communicating with people. When people talk to this cat, he answers them with his slightly raspy meow. It all looks like Clancy understands what they are talking about and answers the person.

“He’s unique because of his appearance with those huge cheeks and a very cute meow, but he also has a big heart, a super soft personality (very unusual for a stray cat) and a ton of charm,” says volunteer Heather.

When the video of Clancy talking to the man was posted on Facebook, it got a lot of views and responses.

And soon a woman named Sandy decided to adopt the cat despite his immunodeficiency virus. Now Clancy will have his own person with whom she can talk to her heart’s content.

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