A human risked his life to save a drowning bear that weighed 400kg!

 A human risked his life to save a drowning bear that weighed 400kg!

Bears are considered inhabitants of the wild. They are dangerous for people, because at the sight of a person, fear and instinct of self-defense of the animal manifest in the form of aggression.
Recently, Florida state officials found a bear in a residential complex and did not know what to do to prevent a catastrophe.

They could only use bullets for self-defense. Then the bear ran towards the nearest body of water. The tranquilizer activated when the animal was already in the water.
Adam Coventry, a WWF scientist, noticed a helpless bear in the water and, unaware of the danger of his act, jumped into the water to help the drowning bear. An instant decision could cost him his life!

Under the influence of drugs, the bear became weak and could not even bend his legs. He would have drowned if Adam had not rushed to his aid. A rescue team soon arrived and helped Adams complete his rescue operation.

The bear was very heavy. He weighed about 400 kg. And Adams somehow pulled the immobilized creature towards the arrived rescuers.

They were unable to lift the bear on the boat because of his heavy weight. They tied him to the boat and dragged him to the shore.

Adams had to swim to the shore in the water and help the bear stay on the surface of the water. Fortunately, the rescue operation ended successfully. The bear was saved.

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