A hungry and dehydrated pregnant dog was rescued from the street! And later she gave birth to 15 healthy puppies…

 A hungry and dehydrated pregnant dog was rescued from the street! And later she gave birth to 15 healthy puppies…

Meet Lil’Mama! This is a pregnant dog, a mix with a brindle pit bull, who was rescued by Stephanie Fykes and Justin Ritchie.
Later Bored Panda contacted them for an interview.

One day, Faikes was walking to the store and on the way she noticed a dog that was obviously not feeling well. By the inflated belly, it was noticeable that the dog was pregnant and would soon give birth.

The dog was barely breathing under the scorching sun, was exhausted and dehydrated. Fykes was afraid that the dog was in labor and that she would not survive in such a state. He lured the dog into the car and drove her to Richie’s house. They fed her, gave her water and arranged a place in the corner where she could have a little rest.

After she calmed down a bit, she was taken to the vet. They gave her the necessary flea bath, got rid of the ticks and Lil’Mama was ready for childbirth.

The veterinarian didn’t foind a chip, so it was impossible to determine if she had an owner. The veterinarian suggested that labor could begin at any time within a few days. So Faikes and Richie took her home to await delivery.

“It is noticeable by her character that she is not a stray dog. She is well trained and gets along well with other dogs. Lil’Mama is also a good mother. A few days after we took her from the vet, she went into labor. We made guesses thatshe would give birth to 6-8 puppies.

But as many as 15 puppies were born!” Richie said. The birth process did last almost the whole day. And it was clearly why.

Lil’Mama was physically unable to feed and take care of 15 puppies and Fykes and Richie decided to help her with this. They began to feed the puppies with puppy formula. Now little creatures sleep most of the day, but a little older they will begin to explore the territory, walk and arrange “scams” around the house.

Fikes and Richie’s plan is to find good homes for the puppies. Using social media, they are looking for interested adopters who will be able to adopt puppies when they have received all the necessary vaccinations and have reached the right age.

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