A Kind Stranger Found A Box Full Of Puppies

 A Kind Stranger Found A Box Full Of Puppies

On an icy rainy day, a stranger came across a package and was surprised when he was inside. Small puppies were hiding from the rain and the cold, laying close to each other to keep each other warm. He called an officer which came to the rescue almost immediately.

“When I saw them they were freezing,” said the officer.
A staff member took the puppies home to keep them warm throughout the night.

They wouldn’t have survived the critical weather conditions if it weren’t for the kind stranger that found them. But even though they were freezing when the man found them, they recovered very fast.
The puppies have made a full recovery and are now in a foster house.

There is still a risk that there could be some negative consequences because of the freezing.
However, they are not ready to be adopted just yet. If they were found a little sooner they would’ve been perfectly fine by now.

Soon they will be up for adoption and the rescuers hope that they will be able to find a forever home for the babies.

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