A lovely cat with a very long fluffy tail

 A lovely cat with a very long fluffy tail

A few years ago, Lene from Norway decided to adopt a cat and started looking for kittens in different shelters.

Her choice was the ginger kitten Primus, who with other four kittens was abandoned by a stray mother cat. Before the kittens were found and taken to the shelter, two kittens died from hunger and cold.

When Lene learned the story of Primus, she decided to adopt the baby. Despite the fact that she had to drive a long distance to get to the shelter, she did not give up this decision. And from the very beginning she knew that her choice was the right one.

Primus very quickly fell in love with the hostess and her friends, and moreover, he turned out to have the same craving for travel and adventure as they did.

Primus liked his owner and her friends, and moreover he turned out to have the same interest for travel and adventure as they did.

Primus loves to walk in the fresh air and when he is not taken to the forest or mountains, he finds something to do near Lene’s private house. He is not afraid of snow or frost. Like a real Norwegian cat, Primus has a thick fluffy coat and a luxurious tail.

Sometimes Lene takes her pet on hikes, and Primus really likes that experience. He tries to keep up with the people and explore every corner of the nature.

“He likes forests and fjords very much. He follows us everywhere and his very beautiful fluffy tail is like a signal flag. Even when he was small, his tail was long and fluffy, and now it is especially beautiful”, Lene said.

Primus is really very loyal to his owner and never runs away from her while they are in the woods or on the beach.

“He is also an incredibly affectionate and gentle cat and when he jumps on our laps, he makes a short meow. Primus and I spend almost all the time together”, the woman said.

Every day, Primus brings a stick or cone for Lena from the forest and leaves it as a gift on her bed or table. Lena is happy about it.

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