A man found his beloved cat that got lost 14 years ago!

 A man found his beloved cat that got lost 14 years ago!

In 2004, Perry Martin was living on the coast of Florida when Hurricane Jeanne struck, causing a lot of destruction. Perry had to leave his house and move. And in the turmoil of the moving he lost his beloved cat Thomas Jr. (T-2 for short). Perry could not find him anywhere.

The cat was then 4 years old.

“I was devastated, I looked for him everywhere I could, interviewed the neighbors and then sat for a long time waiting for him to return.”

But time passed and the cat was not there. Gradually Perry lost his hope, thinking that his cat must have died.

But last week, Perry got a call from the veterinary clinic. It was the most unexpected call in his life. The veterinarian who once put a microchip on the T-2 cat called and said that the cat was found. “The cat is now in a humane society shelter. They checked his microchip and this is really your cat,” the veterinarian said.

Still thinking it was some a mistake, Perry went to the Treasure Coast Humane Society.

“I didn’t believe it. How could they find a cat after 14 years! But it was really him. As soon as I saw his face, I knew it was him.”

And the cat recognized his owner as well. He behaved with him as if they had never parted. Perry picked up the cat and took him to his home.

“T-2 hasn’t forgotten me. He sits on my lap and follows me all the time. And often purrs. I haven’t heard a cat purr in the last 14 years. I think he understands that he has finally returned home,” Perry said.

T-2 is already 18 years old and he apparently spent most of this time on the street. He’s a little thin and not as agile as he used to be but Perry is confident he’ll get better soon.

Perry is happy that he put his cat microchip on time.

“Take the time to microchip your pets. It’s not expensive. And if something happens and your pet goes missing, you have the hope that your pet will be found, identified and returned to you,” Perry added.




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