A man started to feed a cat with kittens and she brought her babies to his home!

 A man started to feed a cat with kittens and she brought her babies to his home!

One day, a white street cat was seen with a tin can on her head behind a store in eastern Oklahoma. She was frightened and meowed loudly. One of the store employees managed to remove the can from her head, but he failed to catch the cat, she ran away.

A little later that day, Brian Sheppard, who worked as a manager at this store, heard about this cat. He decided to find a cat and feed her. To do this, he took with him a chicken, which he cooked for himself.

“I didn’t immediately find her, I had to go around the store and finally I saw her. She was very thin, just skinny. I carefully approached her with pieces of chicken and began to feed her. She ate everything,” the man said.

The cat was so hungry that she ate all the pieces. Since she had not been seen here before, Brian thought that the cat might have accidentally run away from the house. But two days later, this cat returned to the store again. Brian saw her and decided to adopt her.

He went to the pet store and bought packs of food for the cat, a bed, even a litter box for the toilet. When he went out into the yard with food in his hands, the cat was already greeting him on the threshold as an old friend. And while she was eating, Brian noticed her swollen nipples – the cat turned out to be a nursing mother.

The man realized that he could not just take this cat from the street to his home, because then her kittens would be left alone and might die. He built a small cat corner behind the store, where he placed cups of food and water and put a few towels in a cardboard box.

The cat began to come there often and trusted Brian so much that she jumped into his lap and sat there without any problems. Brian named the cat Sophie. And a week later, he accidentally noticed her not far from the store on an old dirty road and realized where she lived.

At the end of November, when it got colder, Brian went to a dirt road to check where the cat lived and there he finally saw her two kittens. As it turned out, the cat lived in a private yard, but her owner did not show any care for her at all and was not opposed when Brian said that he would like to take all three of them to his home. However, the owner’s daughter was unhappy and Brian left with nothing.

“After that I didn’t see Sophie for a whole week and I thought they decided to keep her locked up,” Brian said.

But one evening, when Brian was already closing the store, he saw the cat sitting on the rug at the entrance. And she was not alone.

“I took Sophie and her two kittens to my house that evening. The cat immediately ran to the food and the kittens were a little timid. But soon they came up. They were not shy, but rather playful,” the man said.

Sophie and her kittens began to live at Brian’s house. When the kittens grew a little, they were taken in by other employees of the store. But Sophie remained Brian’s favorite pet.

Sophie is now a strong and healthy cat. She made friends with the family parrot and is very attached to Brian, following him everywhere, even to the bathroom.

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