A mom cat reunites with her kittens that were taken and brought to the shelter

 A mom cat reunites with her kittens that were taken and brought to the shelter

One day, four small kittens were brought to the cat shelter. Luckily, their mom joined them soon.

The co-founder of Wrenn Rescues, Alissa Smith was informed about the four kittens that needed help.

“They were found in someone’s yard. Their mother, seeing the people, was frightened and ran away. The kittens were very tiny, about 10 days old. Workers of internet cables were able to get the kittens safely. And a woman named CJ brought the babies to our shelter, to Ventura Country, Calofornia”, Alissa told Love Meow.

“It was obvious that the kittens were well cared for. Their mother definitely took good care of them. That’s why I think the kittens should have been left where they were until their mother returned”, Alissa added.

Although they were small, at first glance one could tell that they would grow up to be big and strong cats.

Shelter workers Jennifer and Ashley would love to take care of the babies and bottle feed them, but something amazing happened.

The people who found the kittens returned to the same place to check if their mother had returned and if she was looking for them.

Luckily they caught the cat on the spot. She returned to find the kittens. The cat was caught and brought to the kittens. The very next day they were all together.

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“At first, when the mother cat was brought in, she was afraid of everyone and did not leave the basket. But when we brought one of his kittens, she calmed down, went out to her babies, lay down near them and started nursing”, Alissa shared with Love Meow.

She was very happy. She was purring all the time.

“We didn’t think it would end up so well. How nice to see how the kids are reunited with their mother”, Jenifer and Ashley confessed.

Nothing can replace a warm and a loving mother lying next to them.

No matter how well the babies are looked after, the mother is not replaceable, no one can give the child the love that the mother gives.


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