A plump stray dog tuned out to be ill. Her plumpness was the result of her illness!

 A plump stray dog tuned out to be ill. Her plumpness was the result of her illness!

A two-year-old sheepdog named Neville roamed the streets of San Bernardino, California. The dog was completely alone and had health problems. She was overweight, which affected the activity of the dog.

Fortunately, a kind passer-by noticed a stray dog and fed her. Having fed the dog he decided to take her to the nearest shelter. The staff of the shelter welcomed their new guest with great love. They wrote on Facebook about the dog, which was initially mistaken for a boy, since the name Neville is often given to males.

The dog had thyroid problems. Because of thyroid gland dysfunction, she became overweight and got some problems with other organs as well.

The dog was mistreated because of its non-standard appearance. She weighed 130 pounds. She weighed two to three times the recommended weight for a dog of her size.

When the shelter workers were told that Neville was a 2 year old shepherd mix and couldn’t find a home, they were very surprised. In fact, people do not want to take pets that have health problems.

The dog’s owner told The Dodo: “We were concerned about the health of our new pet and took her to the vet the next day. Fortunately, the situation was not too serious. Although the thyroid gland is dysfunctional, she does not yet have hypothyroidism.

Neville was assigned special training and swimming in the pool.

Thanks to the joint efforts, the dog lost 18 kg. And now she weighed 112 which was very commendable.

“She has motivated me to continue working with animals. I am incredibly happy when I see the result of my work. And I’m happy to help them”, the owner of the dog told the Dodo.


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