A police officer responds to call about “vicious” pit bull, but finds a sweet new friend instead!

 A police officer responds to call about “vicious” pit bull, but finds a sweet new friend instead!

People usually follow stereotypes and believe that dogs of a certain breed should behave the same way. However, it is wrong to stereotype a dog by its breed, since the animal’s behavior is more related not to the genetic structure, but to the upbringing of the animal.

Pit bulls are often considered aggressive and unfriendly, so they are very rarely adopted from shelters. But a bad experience with one bit bull does not mean that all representatives of this breed should be the same.

There are many pit bulls that live in families and are devoted to their owners. And once one policeman, having become an eyewitness to the stereotypical attitude towards pit bulls, changed his mind about them!

The Texarkana, Texas Police Department received a call from an agitated man reporting a “vicious dog” roaming the area disturbing people’s peace. Officer Travis Frost arrived at the scene and tried to find the dog. The animal lay on the lawn. Travis left the door of his patrol car open in case the dog got angry and chased him. And then the dog ran up to him and … began wagging his tail happily.

The officer was surprised and did not know what to do. The kind animal was not just “non-aggressive”, but very friendly! The dog happily jumped onto the front seat of the car, and they drove away.

Frost realized that people saw a pit bull and automatically mistook the dog for being vicious and aggressive.

This is how stereotypes mislead us!

Then it turned out that this pit bull was not a stray dog. The animal had a family and he had run away from home and could not return.
The owner had been looking for his pet for a long time and fortunately after this incident the dog ended up in a local animal care center and the man was able to find his four-legged friend.

Thus, the dog returned home. The owner of the dog apparently brought up his pet well and he grew up a kind and friendly dog. Pit bulls are not vicious just because they are pit bulls. Share the story if you agree!


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