A pregnant woman rescued a wounded stray cat that was also pregnant- their babies were born on the same day

 A pregnant woman rescued a wounded stray cat that was also pregnant- their babies were born on the same day

Lauren Maners has always been involved in rehabilitation of sick and homeless animals. But now that she’s expecting her daughter Kylie to be born, she’s decided to take a break, as she won’t have much time for pets after having a baby. Her decision was firm until she met Dove.

The day after the decision was made, she and her husband were driving home when they noticed an injured cat on the side of the road. Maners asked her husband to stop. They approached the cat, fortunately she was alive. After examination, it turned out that only wounded, but also pregnant.

“I could not leave her injured and pregnant on the side of the road. I felt some kind of connection between us – it was probably due to the fact that we were both pregnant, ”said Maners.

Maner managed to lure and catch the cat. They took the cat to the vet.

The cat stayed at the vet for a few days. But after the treatment, the couple took her home. They named her Dove. Maners once returned to the place where they found Dove and asked the neighbors if she had a family, but people assured that she had been homeless all her life. Maners decided to make an exception and adopt the cat. She felt that she was responsible for the kittens that were about to be born.

Dove quickly settled into the new place. Pregnant mothers spent a lot of time together and managed to make friends.

“She liked to sit next to me in the yard. We often walked together. Dove allowed me to stroke her belly and take her in my arms,” Maners said.

Finally, the moment of Kylie’s birth has come. Returning home, Maners found that Dove had also given birth to her kittens.

“It is likely that my daughter and the Dove kittens were born at the same time. There were cases when pregnant women who spent a lot of time together gave birth on the same day, ”said Maners.

Dove gave birth to six cute kittens. The kittens and Kylie grew up quickly, and the moms lovingly fulfilled their parenting responsibilities.

“When Cale was 5 weeks old, she started reacting to kittens. The kittens were also interested in my daughter. They came up to her crib and waited for me to take her in my arms and they could see her, ”said Maners.

A few months later, the kittens became quite independent and Maners found good families for them. And Dove herself was adopted by a friend of Manners. Thus old girlfriends could often meet.

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