A puppy whose home was once an old shoe finds a real shelter

 A puppy whose home was once an old shoe finds a real shelter

There are so many stories about animals being abandoned in the streets, like unwanted things. It is high time for us, people to understand that animals are not subjects, they are alive creatures we cannot throw them, and we may not hurt or torture them. They are alive, they have feelings like humans. They understand everything.

Luckily, there are people who still care of the nature and animals. Stray animals are those creatures that cannot fend themselves. This poor puppy wandered the streets, hungry and dirty. He was noticed by Goran Markovic, a person who helps homeless animals. The puppy, all soaked to the bone, was shivering from the cold and, in order to get a little warm, hid in an old boot. This sight touched him to the core.

There were no other dogs. In all likelihood the puppy didn’t even have a mom. Goran took him home.

“I like animals. I help the ones that are endangered and are homeless”, he told in an interview for Bored Panda.

The puppy was fed, washed and petted. In a few month he changed beyond recognition. Goran adopted him and gave a name Smesten.

Eventually Smesten found the home he dreamt of!

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