A rare pink dolphin was caught on camera in Louisiana River

 A rare pink dolphin was caught on camera in Louisiana River

Have you ever seen pink dolphins. These unique aquatic creatures are so beautiful that you can’t just take your eyes off them.

A pink dolphin named Pinkie has been recently caught on camera in Louisiana River.

The pink dolphin caught on camera has been living in these waters for many years. Many people were honored to see this creature. Photos of Pinkie were published on the Internet and soon went viral.

According to experts, pink dolphins suffer from albinism. Their body does not produce the chemicals that turn their skin gray.

Greg Barsh, a scientist at the Hudson Alpha Biotechnology Institute, believes that Pinkie is an albino. Visible blood arteries and the dolphin’s ruby eyes testify to this.

“We often see Pinkie in summer. She swims almost every day,” Mr. Barsh told WGNO.

The boat captain, Erik Rue was the first that spotted Pinkie. Once he told WGNO that she had seen Pinky mating. People who heard that news wondered what color her calf woul be?

The answer to this question is already known. Watch the video and you will get it too.


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