A runaway dog walked 45 miles and found a loving family in another city!

 A runaway dog walked 45 miles and found a loving family in another city!

The dogs that are abandoned usually stay in the same place, and those dogs that run away from home wander around the city and get on long journeys. This has been repeatedly confirmed by the experience of a dog rescuer named Suzette Hall.

When she received a call and was informed about the disappearance of a newly adopted dog. The dog named Koa had run away from her home in California. Hall realized that the dog would need to be searched throughout the city and even beyond.

However, no one expected that a runaway dog ​​could walk 45 miles. Hall and his companion began searching for the dog. They posted information about the dog on various social networks and spread the details of the dog’s disappearance to neighboring cities.

“We began to receive information that Koa was seen in different cities. We had one question – how did he get to all these cities?” Hall said.

According to Hall, the koa has been seen in several cities. The dog has been spotted several times in Southern California. From Yorba Linda, Koa went to the Valley of the Fountains, but he did not stay there either and was soon noticed in Huntington Beach and Westminster.

Koa traveled for about two months and during that time he walked about 45 miles. But Suzette Hall was a master of her job, and she found

the dog.

Koa was hiding in the church and was hard to catch. In the end, after several unsuccessful attempts, they managed to catch Koa in a net.

Koa was very thin as he ate poorly. He was taken to the vet and his owner was informed that his dog had been found. But the owner refused to take back his dog.

Soon a new family was found for Koa. The dog was happy and no longer tried to run away from home.

It turned out that the dog had been just looking for his real home and a loving family!


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