A stray dog Remy has found his warm home thanks to “Howl of a Dog” volunteers

 A stray dog Remy has found his warm home thanks to “Howl of a Dog” volunteers

This is a chocolate-colored stray dog named Remy. He sits faithfully near the grocery store and waits with great patience for the saleswoman of the store to come out and feed him.

The shelter “Howl of a Dog” sent volunteers to the Romanian countryside to neuter stray dogs. Then they met this beautiful creature with brown eyes. He friendly met them every time and joyfully waving his tail came up for another petting.

However, this mongrel did not have a home; he lived on the sidewalk near the store. He did not leave the store, as the kind saleswoman fed him every day.

Volunteers also fell in love with the dog and were very sorry for it. In addition to the homeless lifestyle, Remy had had other problems in life as well. He had a scar on his nose from an iron burn. The fact is that in Romania it is believed that by burning the nose of a dog, we strengthen his health and prevent some kind of disease. An absurd tradition!

They also noticed that the dog’s left ear had been torn and improperly healed. Remy was also sterilized.

Volunteers also tried to find a home for the dog, but no one wanted to adopt the dog. Residents of rural areas perceive dogs as only guardians of the house and creatures that bark at the sight of strangers.

Dogs like Remy, who are not used to guarding and protecting, are not considered useful and no one wants to keep them. But they are also living beings who want love, attention and affection.

She probably had an owner once, judging by the burn on her nose. But she was thrown away as an unnecessary thing. Volunteers decided to put a collar around the dog’s neck so that it would not be considered homeless.

Seeing that no one was taking the dog, the “Howl of a Dog” shelter itself took it. Now she has food, and toys, and friends, and people who love and pet her.

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Did you like the story? Animal stories are as wonderful as they themselves! We, humans should estimate them and be careful toward them.


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