A teenager made a wheelchair for a disabled dog out of LEGO

 A teenager made a wheelchair for a disabled dog out of LEGO

A poor puppy, Gracie, was born with a birth defect. She didn’t have front legs. However, misfortunes didn’t end there. Being only few-weeks old the puppy was left by her human parents and was placed into a shelter.

A friendly and cheerful little dog has found its place in the heart of the owner of the shelter. The Turley family liked the dog very much. Despite the fact that the dog was disabled they adopted her. Besides, they have already had an experience with such animals: they had adopted a paralyzed dog and a three- legged dog. However the case of Gracie was new and they were worried about how the dog could walk.

The solution was found by a boy who was one of the volunteers at the shelter. Being only 12 years old, Dylan built a moving wheelchair out of LEGO. And it really worked. Now the dog could move and even run. The wheelchair served as front paws for Gracie.

“Frankly speaking it was quite odd for her to use the wheelchair at first. She didn’t understand what it was for and was a little bit afraid of it. But then she got used to it”, Tammy Turley told the DODO. 

Dylan was smarter and he thought ahead. The wheelchair was not comfortable when the dog grew up and he added some parts of LEGO to fix it to the size of the animal’s chest.

The video below tells more about the story of the dog.

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