A tiny baby found on the ground has turned into a nice fluffy creature

 A tiny baby found on the ground has turned into a nice fluffy creature

People like keeping pets at home. They add some colors to our everyday life. While some people take pets from shelters the others find their future pets right under their feet.

Today we are going to share with you an incredible story that happened to American Jessica Adams. Being of animals she could not remain indifferent and pass by.

The fact is that the woman became the mistress of a tiny pink creature, which she discovered on the ground when she was walking home with her son. The parents of the animal were not around, so Jessica decided to take the baby home.

As it turned out later, it was a tiny squirrel, which, apparently, fell out of the nest because of the strong winds.

At first, the baby was fed with milk from a syringe, because he was still too small to feed on his own. Jessica even had to take Steve, as the squirrel was called, with her to work, where she still fed him with a syringe.

Steve turned out to be very active and began to misbehave around the house. Steve was very fond of chewing books and other objects, as well as wrestling with plush toys. He liked to have fun in the fresh air as well.

He grew up and longed for freedom. Wild nature called him.

The time has come and Jessica realized that her pet may be independent, so she needn’t worry about him.

She set the squirrel free. But despite the fact that Steve is now an adult free squirrel, he often comes to visit his human family.

Moreover, this squirrel even has its own Instagram page, which is watched by about five thousand subscribers!

Such an interesting and funny story! Did you like it? Share your impressions.

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